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Hodgepodge (Everything But The Kitchen Sink)

  • Start

    13 July 2018
  • End

    19 August 2018
  • Artists

    Archie Oclos, Bayawak, Bjorn Calleja, Chill, Distort Monsters, Don Dalmacio, Gab Baez, Gerecho Iniel Cruz, Gigie Bear, Ingrid, JJ Zamoranos, Mikhaela Marie, Miles Villanueva, Pepe Delfin, Pin Calacal, Potti Lesaguis, Quiccs, Teks Pabuayon, Tripp 63, Wipo
  • Gallery

    Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea, 3/F The Picasso, 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati City, 1227 Philippines

Gathering the works of today’s young and contemporary artists from the local art scene, Hodgepodge (Everything But The Kitchen Sink), offers an empowering collection of images hinged upon the idea that the Personal is Political. The works commemorate the personal reflection of the artists about a varietythings: from national issues to daily tasks; extraordinary and the mundane. Each contemplation becomes an opportunity for the viewer to take a look and become privy to what this generation considers vital.

The images presented in this show, with their contrasts and differences, breed the multipronged narrative: a mise-en-scène that tells the story through its multiple fragments. Here, the portraits are no longer just portraits; landscapes are no longer just landscapes. Each image belongs to a point of reference from the artists’ personal and political struggles, whether it be from individualist urges to calls for action on national issues. These works make us realize that personal issues are bounded by larger and pressing concerns that affect a generation.

Hodgepodge (Everything But The Kitchen Sink) showcases not only the talent but also the deliberation of questions, thoughts, and apprehensions of millenials — a term for those who were born from 1982 to 2004. This show proves that the generalization of millenials as a group of self-serving individuals contains no merit; as they are willing to bring every issue on the table and hoping that nothing will be discarded to the kitchen sink.


***A portion of proceeds from this show will benefit the Philippine Animal Rescue Team (PART), a No Kill SEC registered animal rescue organization in the Philippines. PART is founded and run by a dedicated group of volunteers committed to changing the way animals are viewed and treated, not only in the Philippines, but around the world.