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#PURVEYRnews | ISLAND – Raul Deodato Arellano

Purveyr (@purveyr)

Canopies of color, a visage of an optimistic, vibrant, and deep look to the environment — in lens of color, fluidity, and serenity au naturale.

From Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea group (@altromondoart), comes ISLAND, a solo exhibition featuring works by Raul Deodato Arellano at the Altro Mondo Creative Space Gallery, which ran from October 5 to 24, 2021. The collection is a sparse but, with layerings of detail, sincerity layered through the constructive use of shapes, playful contours and contortions, a play on those images of the environment and naturalism present in the Philippine geography. The paintings, often done in oil on wood or canvas, are also the direct result of introspection of time spent taking sanctuary, of which the artist took his time painstakingly absorbing the likeness of his surroundings — this created the imposing influence that would soon produce the figure and landscape painting which line the collections; a relegation of subconscious emotions that these figures are known to show.

Water, wood, light, shadow; the dream, the man, the islands that form us, the seas that form breakwater to the surroundings. You can view many of the pieces on the link in their bio:

Writer — @misterherenow
Images — @altromondoart