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Whether You Hear It Or Not

  • Start

    12 October 2019
  • End

    04 November 2019
  • Artists

    Amy Aragon, Arvin Nogueras, Conrado Velasco, Daniella Flores, Gato Borrero, Geronimo Cristobal, Hikari Ticar, Jay Ticar, Jes Evangelista, Joey Reboredo
  • Gallery

    1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City

“In response to the global art interest that is sound art, visual artists were challenged to engage the concepts of sound in their existing creative pursuits. Central to the process of preparations are discussions on sound that serves as a platform by which they can individually build their own position. Sound not as literal material, sound outside music, the abstract visibility of sound, the various expressions and perceptions of sound are the key ideas that provide the rubrics for discussion.


Going against the notion of sound as experimental music may seem restrictive but, It actually expands the appreciation and understanding of sound and sonic expression. The resulting projects at the core do not intend to describe sound art but more so be in a trajectory where sound art is already defined. In this regard the works in transition may even extend to what is outside of the box.” – Jay Ticar