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Where We Land

Where We Land is a series of works inspired by Virginia Woolf’s “To The Lighthouse.” Visual artist Tammy De Roca portrays specific memories progressing in motion, captured and relived over and over. Standing from a single viewpoint, the memory split into different iterations. The said past event is then reconstructed, affecting a present experience, to create a new perspective.


Therefore, memories are a series of reoccurring events on a personal timeline that are altered slightly with each reconstruction.” (Lamb, H. 2014)


De Roca explores how textures build images through paintings, sculptures, and other forms. She continues to study and experiment on how our perception of appearances and images are challenged or supported by what textures represent.


Citing Elaine Navas and Mark Rothko as recent influences, she creates powerful, highly textured works of art that emphasize movement and flow. With regards to early inspiration, De Roca mentions surrealist and hyperrealist works, especially those by Camille Dela Rosa, Jon Jaylo, and of course, Ronald Ventura. She also mentions Filipina artists like Yasmin Sison and Geraldine Javier as favorites.