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  • Start

    03 September 2020
  • End

    04 October 2020
  • Artists

    Benjie Cabangis, Josep Pascual, Lee Caces, Meneline Wong, Noberto Carating, Red Mansueto, Sal Ponce Enrile, Tammy De Roca

Uninterrupted is a group show that showcases artistic work that manifests the resilience of the human spirit and the inevitability that life goes on uninterrupted even in the face of trouble and uncertainty. The participating artists and their artworks are symbolic of the necessity of artmaking in times of crisis.

BENJIE CABANGIS holds a Master of Fine Arts degree from the University of the Philippines. In 1999, he received the Gawad Chanselor as the University of the Philippines’ Outstanding Visual Artist. He was held over twenty solo exhibitions and was a recipient of the CCP Thirteen Artists Awardee in 1978. Nature and representational images are central to Cabangis’ abstract art, which according to art critic Reuben Canete alludes to rolling atmosphere and storm-tossed oceans rendered in cubes and grids that segment and bracket off spaces with minimalist precision.

JAY RAGMA is a visual artist from Caloocan City. He is a Bachelor of Fine Arts major in Advertising Arts graduate from the University of the East, Caloocan, Philippines. Jay Ragma delivers canvases of retinal delight and energy, comprising of zinging threadlike fine lines in horizontal, vertical, diagonal and perpendicular direction. Tightly organized and compact in linear masses, the works are driven by accelerating speed, creating a virtual tapestry bursting at the seams, propelled by continuous movement and springing vibration. These paintings have their original roots in Futurism, the Italian movement whose manifesto declared that “the splendor of the world has been increased by a new beauty: the beauty of speed. As structures, they court an illusionary volume that seduces the viewer with their surprising lyricism and vitality”.

JOSEP PASCUAL is a Fine Arts graduate from the University of the East. He is faithful to abstractions as this mirrors his personality and emotions, most. He seeks perfection and can redo work, over and over until he is pleased with what he sees.

KENNETH MONTEGRANDE is distinctly one of the few young Filipino painters with an international reputation. He’s the first Filipino and also the first Southeast Asian artist whose work is housed in the prestigious collection of Yusaku Maezawa, a Japanese tycoon and mega art collector who founded and currently directs the Contemporary Arts Foundation, based in Tokyo, Japan.Montegrande is also the youngest artist whose work forms part of the Malacañang Palace collection.

LEE CACES is multimedia Artist based in Antipolo City whose works are inspired by his journeys through nature and the self. After leaving his work of 4 years in media, he now illustrates his local travels, designs merchandise, paints commercial murals and collaborates with brands. His style developed from quick digital portraits to painting abstract movement. The transition encouraged him to do his first solo show “Flow” in 2018 at Hidden Space Cubao.
NORBERTO “LITO” CARATING is a multi-awarded painter who studied at the UP College of Fine Arts under the tutelage of the country’s foremost abstract expressionist, Jose Joya in the ’60s. His earliest renowned work was entitled “Laman-Lupa” which intrigued art critics for its “native sensibility that acknowledges local color and folk beliefs and narratives and a deeply felt and meditative nature.”Carating is well celebrated in over 40 years of painting, having been a recipient of prestigious awards including the Cultural Center of the Philippines’ Thirteen Artists Award. He has exhibited in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain, Germany, Cuba, Canada and the US.

MARKUS JENTES is a Manila-based contemporary artist / photographer known for using vibrant lines and shapes in subtle yet mesmerizing paintings. A Bachelor of Fine Arts graduate from Pepperdine University, he developed a distinctive style that blends sharp geometric minimalism with bold colors. While much of his career focused on photography, graphic design and advertising, he learned to capitalize on his creative experiences. 2017was a welcome return to basics for Markus. With reinvigorated drive to pursue his artistic instincts, since then he’s launched new pieces that push for new frontiers – experimenting with abstract patterns, implementing dot designs, and mixing mediums. His driving goals remain simple and straightforward: to continuously create art that elevates consciousness (both his and the audience’s), art that always seeks to inspire.

MENELINE WONG holds a medical degree in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the University of Santo Tomas and holds clinic at the Chinese General Hospital. She first dabbled into the arts in late 2017 by painting on paper. Soon after, she came across fluid art and tried her luck at the 2018 GSIS National Art Competition, where she won second place in the nonrepresentational category, becoming the first female artist to win a major award at the competition. She shines with her fast-rising take on fluid art, wherein the paint flows in gentle waves as much as it cracks like hard concrete, depending on the viewer’s perception.

RED MANSUETO is a self-described abstract expressionist and creative environmentalist who splits his time between Manila and Hong Kong as a graphic designer and art director.As a young architecture enrollee in Cebu, he studied landscape rendering under fabled figurative maestro Martino Abellana. Mansueto’s multi-disciplinary practical features a visual lexicon that includes prescient performances about the decline of the organic environment, installations and atmospheric interior constructions about the loss of innocence or the monetization of art practice, illustrations embracing the quaint, even mundane, street life that engulfs him every day, documentary films ranging from tourism pitches to investigations of insurgency and national heritage, as well as a portfolio of what remains standard painting steeped in an expressionistic idiom meant to dialogue with and unearth the moods within.

SAL PONCE ENRILE is a legislator-turned-artist who uses her art as a platform to voice the complexities of her experiences. She is constantly seeking opportunities to enhance the lives of others through her art and is an advocate of health and education. Her artworks are inspired by people’s behavior and true nature and her approach and curiosity to mix one style or technique with another have resulted in her unique identity, leaving her art with an intriguing and mysterious feel.

TAMMY DE ROCAis a visual artist whose works explore how textures build images through paintings, sculptures, and other forms. De Roca continues to study and experiment on how our perception of appearances and images are challenged or supported by what textures represent. She completed her BFA at the University of the Philippines, Diliman and has exhibited extensively in the Philippines, particularly in Metro Manila.