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Unfinished Sonata

  • Start

    11 November 2023
  • End

    02 December 2023
  • Artists

    Froilan Galpo, Jaycel Musnit, Jayvie Maglente, Jea Mina, Jopet Arias, Lloyd Lusica, Michael Froilan, Nicole Asares, Randolf Novis, Roomel Catapang, Wil Magsino

“Unfinished Sonata” is a poignant tribute to the arduous and inspiring journeys undertaken by artists, a theme deeply entrenched within its very name. This exhibition masterfully encapsulates the essence of artistic creation, invoking a powerful sense of incompleteness and beckoning viewers to engage their own creativity, filling in the gaps of narratives left open-ended.

Just like a musical sonata with its structured yet harmonious arrangement, the exhibition draws a parallel to the artist’s ongoing odyssey. The lives of artists are brimming with challenges and sacrifices, often going unnoticed by the audience. These individuals willingly embrace hunger, loneliness, rejection, and heartbreak in the pursuit of their art, making “Unfinished Sonata” a powerful reflection of this unique vocation.

The exhibit prompts us to contemplate the enduring passion and resilience that drive artists. Their lives, like the distinct movements of a sonata, are unfinished yet harmonious compositions, embodying their unwavering commitment to creative expression in the face of adversity.

Featuring a diverse group of talented artists–Randolf Novis, Froilan Galpo, Jaycel Musnit, Jayvie Fornolles Maglente, Lloyd Lusica, Michael Villahermosa Froilan, Roomel Catapang, Wil Magsino, Jopet Arias, Jea Mina, and Nicole Asares–”Unfinished Sonata” beautifully underscores the sacrifices and tribulations that artists willingly endure to bring their beliefs and values to life.

It’s a testament to their unyielding commitment to artistic expression, transcending financial hardships to fully embrace the richness of life’s experiences. This exhibition serves as an ode to the courageous souls who dare to chase their creative dreams, enriching our world through their profound sacrifices and their enduring art.