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  • Start

    20 February 2021
  • End

    14 March 2021
  • Artists

    Nasser Zulueta, Tom Russ

Each creation is a glimpse into an artist’s life. Each stroke sheds a part of his soul laid bare before us and his development is the testimony of a transcended difficult journey.

Nasser Zulueta’s art reveals some turning points in his life that ushered his growth as an artist. Traversing the world alone at an early age and meeting many strangers along the way has influenced his technique and style—varied, spontaneous, and bold. He has lived many lives and using a single medium is never enough to tell his story. Look closely and you will discover order in chaos, light in darkness, and beauty in hideousness.

Tom Russ’s artworks take us to a colorful journey down south. His art is highly influenced by his advocacy and his encounters with the Tri-People of Mindanao (Christians, Muslims and Lumads). Living and walking among them gave him a different perspective and anchored his artistic and personal transformation. Displacement, solitude, struggle, and injustice are central themes of his works.