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  • Start

    20 July 2017
  • End

    20 August 2017
  • Artists

    Brisa Amir, Gab Baez, Jacob Lindo
  • Gallery

    Altro Mondo Picasso 3/F The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village, Makati

Torn, Pasted, Painted
Brisa Amir, Gab Baez and Jacob Lindo

Good ideas grow on paper. A clean sheet of paper opens every possibility to re-imagine the
world. For many artists, the medium is an integral component to enable and shape their artistic
expression, taking full advantage of its possibilities as both surface and structure.
For the exhibition entitled Torn, Pasted and Painted artists Brisa Amir, Gab Baez and Jacob
Lindo exploits the flexibility and facility of the many forms of paper they use in their respective
practices, which enables them to explore an intensive range of themes that resonate with
personal experiences and inspire new ways of thinking.
Brisa Amir’s works “Stay too long and you drown” was inspired by Michael Foucault’s
Heterotopia, which means another place where spaces have more layers of meaning than what
we can see. The idea of a mirror as a metaphor for the duality and contradictions are being
reflected through layers of drawings which suggests the fossilization of time and memories
collected from Brisa’s immersive walks, where light and dark tones depict day and night.
Gab Baez’ “Dumb Ways to Paint” on the other hand, attempts to grind the gears of
conservatives and perfectionists by not complying with the customary practices of painting, her
subjects vary from frustrations, daydreams and borrowed memories.
Derrida’s deconstruction theory is where Jacob Lindo’s works take off; his use of collage where
he constructs abstract forms from collected found images depicts the ambiguity and
multiplicity of meaning in imagery. Lindo’s process revolves on the idea of chance and choice,
where he finds the books that he uses as material by chance and sources the books for images
and selects them by choice. Torn, Pasted, Painted offers a glimpse of ideas grown on paper and
cultivated from diverse creative processes, as evidence of the medium’s value as a recorder of
time and thought.

– Bjorn Calleja