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The Living

  • Start

    30 October 2021
  • End

    28 November 2021
  • Artist

    Tristram Miravalles

The Living, a solo exhibit by Tristram Miravalles, emanates surviving the pandemic’s undercurrent beneath its raging waves. The artist casts the deeper psychological turmoil that hovers over the present human condition, like a soldier coming home from war, every day.

Miravalles puts mental health crisis at the center of this global predicament. Neuroscientist Heather Berlin explains that people who suffer from mental disorders experience the worst kind of suffering. It is like being constantly injured but with no wounds to show.
The artist looks beyond the massive number of deaths and observes the ones who are still alive. The already-persistent challenges of society are expounding, making them all seem larger. What are the effects of this sudden reboot to those who are suffering psychologically, especially people with mental disorders?

“The Living” will showcase a collection of Miravalles’ recent works tackling on the muted challenges of the pandemic. In its essence, the series elevates the living to a state of marching on to a better condition. Be it by way of a spiral path, or a thorny road, we will arrive.