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  • Start

    28 September 2023
  • End

    11 December 2023
  • Artists

    Poch Naval, Titat Ledesma

Celebrating the carnival of existence, “Sirko” presents a captivating spectacle woven by the artistic synergy of siblings Poch Naval and Titat Ledesma. Anchored in contrasting yet harmonious approaches, the exhibition delves into the circus of life—a profound metaphor echoed through their diverse artworks.

Titat Ledesma’s art mirrors a playful chaos of memory and materiality, seamlessly intertwining personal relics in whimsical connections. It beckons viewers to navigate the realms of the symbolic and the absurd, a journey delving into childhood recollections, ancestral tales, and the enigmatic essence of existence. The forgotten passion of her mother’s collecting voyage infuses vitality into these engaging juxtapositions.

Poch Naval masterfully straddles the aesthetics of the circus and the expectations it materializes. His works conjure the unseen wonder of novel experiences, mirroring the circus’s ability to awe and entertain without the associated risks. From soaring heights to confronting predators, Naval’s artworks transport us to the brink of anticipation, providing an encounter with the extraordinary.

“Sirko” encapsulates life’s theatrics, urging us to cast off the blinders of curated digital imagery and embrace the unique marvels of our daily lives. Utilizing an assemblage of found objects, spontaneous visual narratives, and a kaleidoscope of everyday paraphernalia, Naval and Ledesma create a spectacular mosaic. They invite the audience to rediscover the often overlooked wonders of mundane existence, painting a vibrant canvas where the ordinary metamorphoses into the extraordinary.