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Shooting Blanks

  • Start

    25 May 2019
  • End

    17 June 2019
  • Artist

  • Gallery

    Altro Mondo Creative Space, 1159 Chino Roces Ave., Brgy. San Antonio, Makati City, Philippines, 1203

Shooting Blanks


“Growing up in a family of artists and performers, I had my fair share of questions about their personal perceptions of art. Respectively, my family on one side is composed of painters while the other mostly musicians. Both followed their desire to pursue the arts as a career because it was ‘second nature’ to them. Easier said than done; do what you love and you won’t work a day in your life, as they say. But what troubled me mostly was that no one mentioned art as a means to convey a higher principle that goes beyond the artist. As deep as I would like to hear that, it just wasn’t part of my family’s vocabulary. Realizing this, my path in understanding art began to slowly shift from ‘how’ to ‘why’. I began to believe that art is not just for my soul. Rather, it should be a platform that allows the artist to test our own thoughts. In a way, I am relearning a particular core fundamental – much like how the artists from the modern era were dire to express the alternative. If you think about Duchamp’s ‘Ready-mades’ and the “Combines” of Rauschenberg, you start to realize the dynamics between artist and critic – specifically, the artist who challenges their audience’s perception versus the artist who paints. Such as the idea of repurposing everyday objects as profound artworks, art just simply had to shock in order to make a statement of any sort.

In the bigger picture, artists like the modernists give the audience a chance to personalize their feelings towards a body of work. ‘Let them fill in the blanks’, as Rauschenberg quoted. I wanted to justify my own interpretation behind the theory of ‘filling in the blanks’. Today, we can create just about anything that might or might not give that ‘shock value’ in art. The new contemporaries such as KAWS and Banksy do this profoundly. But I believe that the most perplexing ideas in art are probably some of the simplest based on the idea or even medium. For example, the versatility in Video art (which has been around for quite some time now) is such a powerful tool. Video can be applied in almost any format. To me, I find it most compelling when it is combined with a painting to further augment the artwork. With this particular collection, I have only one goal, and that is to _________________.”