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Seres Fifos

  • Start

    25 September 2021
  • End

    24 October 2021
  • Artist

    Carlos Blanco Artero

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present SERES FIFOS, a Virtual Exhibition featuring works by international artist Carlos Blanco Artero.

Seres Fifos is his first exhibition in the Philippines.

Carlos Blanco Artero is a visual artist who spent his formative years travelling between Madrid and Zaragoza in Spain. This constant change of cities and schools may in some way contribute to the unique disjointedness that characterizes his work.

Blanco’s organized chaos and patchwork disfigurations reference the human body and everyday scenes from his childhood, pieced together like a puzzle, bringing to mind George Condo and Picasso’s eclectic yet singular visions.

These kinds of peculiarities certainly play a role in Seres Fifos.  The term seres fifos is a play on the Spanish phrase seres vivos meaning “living beings.”

Artero has always been struck by the way in which a small group of Spanish people pronounce “v” as “f.” He says that if his characters were living beings themselves, they would use this peculiar way of communicating, especially to feel more different from the rest of the world. It’s these kinds of idiosyncrasies that underscore his work.

The works in Seres Fifos, in particular, showcase his penchant for bold abstractions, disordered anatomy, and rich color palettes. It’s here where Artero’s masterful puppetry of objects and the human form is on full display.