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Scopic Anatomies: Works by Sam Feleo

  • Start

    30 October 2021
  • End

    28 November 2021
  • Artist

    Sam Feleo

Artist Sam Feleo uses her medium as a way of combining disparate parts to create a whole. In Scopic Anatomies, Feleo brings the foundations of this artistic process to the idea of life as a conglomeration of different things, highlighting its true nature as an intricate network of elements in a state of dynamic balance.

This series of collage work seeks to understand these biological structures by paring them down to their most basic parts then juxtaposing components with each other. The consequent product is a mix of playful and absurd imagery reminiscent of a Dali painting.

An eyeball encased in a mollusk shell, a frog leg poking out from a tree branch — these unnatural yet mesmerizing organisms tease the eye and invite the viewer to look closer. As Feleo combines jarring, spliced hybrids of animal parts and vegetal masses, what emerges is an intimate look at life on different levels, from the tiniest atom to the cosmic biosphere.