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  • Start

    01 December 2022
  • End

    09 January 2023
  • Artists

    Adrian Trijo, Alburoto, Andres Catig, Bryan Casio, Christian Esguerra, Gab Baez, Gabo Valenzuela, Ireland Jill, Kadin Tiu, Kiko Moran, Mac Eparwa

Two years after the onset of the pandemic, Altro Mondo at the Picasso reopens with Rouverture. The show features the works of talented, young Filipino artists, namely Alburoto, Gabo Valenzuela, Gab Baez, Kadin Tiu, Andres Catig, Ireland Jill, Jeosh Sandoval, Kenneth Mamaril, Adrian Trijo, Kiko Moran, Mac Eparwa, Randolf Novis, Christian Esguerra, and Bryan Casio.

Among these artists are pop surrealists Aldrin Tamidles, a.k.a. “Alburoto” and Ireland Jill, whose works that are laced with a tinge of humor and satire. There’s also Bryan Casio and Kenneth Palma Mamaril, both of whom play with the conventions of figurative expressionism. Joined by their peers, they push the boundaries of their medium to create works that transcend the current period.

This esteemed group represents the best and brightest of Philippine contemporary art, while the exhibit serves as the start of a new chapter for the gallery, as we move forward with various programming and activities for guests, collectors and art lovers alike.