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Reyna! Die Königinnen

  • Start

    24 February 2024
  • End

    16 March 2024
  • Artist

    Harold Khan

In his very first solo exhibition, “Reyna! Die Königinnen,” Harold Khan pays homage to the formidable essence of femininity. Drawing from a wealth of experiences spanning cultures and continents, Khan’s canvases pulse with the vibrant energy of women from diverse backgrounds.

Each painting in the series is a testament to Khan’s encounters with women of various nationalities, echoing his Singaporean heritage, Philippine roots, and fascination with cultures from Thailand to Japan. Among the gallery’s pieces stand warrior queens exuding strength, honor, and pride, symbolizing the inherent patriotism and valor within every woman.

The crowning jewel of the exhibition is Khan’s interpretation of the “Diwata,” a majestic figure deeply rooted in Filipino mythology and folklore. Through bold strokes and a kaleidoscope of hues and textures, Khan invites viewers into a realm where femininity transcends boundaries, celebrating the multifaceted nature of womanhood.