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  • Start

    27 April 2024
  • End

    25 May 2024
  • Artist

    JJ Duque

On (R)Evolution
By Ayni Nuyda

In “(R)Evolution”, JJ Duque invites us into a realm where the simplicity of circles intersects with the complexity of personal growth. Almost a decade since his last solo exhibition, Duque’s journey from detailed abstract drawings to the liberated expressions found in this collection signifies not just an artistic evolution, but a profound personal transformation.

Reflecting on his debut exhibition in 2016, “Patience: An Adventure of Pens & Pencils,” one witnesses the dedication woven into each stroke. Duque’s commitment to his craft was undeniable, earning recognition and commissions from eager collectors. Yet, amid this success, a yearning for creative freedom simmered beneath the surface.

His recent works emphasize light, shadow, and texture, departing from previous structured techniques. These pieces create immersive worlds on canvas, demonstrating a shift towards spontaneity while maintaining intentional execution.

(R)Evolution embodies the introspect to break free from the constraints of self-doubt and embrace the boundless possibilities of artistic expression. Duque’s works exude unbridled creativity, inviting viewers into a world where imagination takes precedence.