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Repository of Reflection

  • Start

    12 November 2022
  • End

    03 December 2022
  • Artists

    Chiz Cueva, Froilan Galpo, Jaycel Musnit, Jea Mina, Jopet Arias, Kenneth Batubatan, Ma. Luinette Belen, Randolf Novis, Roomel Catapang, Wil Magsino

Art is an instrument for self-reflection, allowing one’s self to gain perspective about life and where they stand in it.


Similarly, Repository of Reflection serves as a storage of realizations. The group exhibit features work by Randolf Novis, Jea Mina, Wil Magsino, Patricia Camille Tolentino, Roomel Catapang, Maria Luinette Belen, Jayvie Maglente, Chiz Cueva, Kenneth Batubatan, Jay Musnit, and Froilan Galpo.


Just as one keeps a journal to reflect on the minutiae and intimacies of the day to day, each work in show presents the contemplations of its respective artist–candid enough to resonate with its anonymous audience.


From distilled renderings of the pure, unbridled joys of childhood to pensive meditations on adulthood, the collection asks viewers to stop and consider: What regrets have you had in life? What would you have done differently?