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  • Start

    11 January 2020
  • End

    23 February 2020
  • Artist

    Lee Caces
  • Gallery

    3F, The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences, 119 LP Leviste St., Salcedo village, Makati City, 1227, Philippines

Life is a series of branching paths—like a Choose Your Own Adventure book, only do-overs will always carry whispers of your past choices.

But the ever-moving present, this moment in time, is always yours to seize and control. This very second can be a spark of life or death—a beginning or an end—or rebirth—a miracle created from something that should have withered away—should you choose it to be.

Your life is the sum of a million and one variables. An endless wave of choices and possibilities. Opportunities for success as well as failure. Wisdom and epiphanies, both infinitesimal and world-shattering. People and influences—the good and the bad. Endless chain reactions from every nuance of every thought, touch, sigh and smile. An infinite number of instances, all of which form the fabric of who you are and what you leave with the world.

There is great power in the awareness that every breath, every step, every action for every second that goes by in this very fleeting present is a fork in the road towards the future you’re weaving⁠⁠.

The question is: which way will you go?

The art pieces of “Pivot” are heavily inspired by the elements Space, Light (Fire), Mood (Air), Form (Earth), and Sprits (Water). This is an exhibit that hopes to stimulate all senses.