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Penumbra Gong

  • Start

    04 September 2021
  • End

    26 September 2021
  • Artist

    J Consunji

This exhibition is a culmination of J Consunji’s paintings from January 2020 to August 2021. The works are a reflection on the effects and roles of humankind on the environment, interspersed with thoughts on the artist’s personal experiences that permeate day to day living during this period.


An element that envelops the works is the capturing of light in a diffracted state, such as twilight. This transitional period creates the setting for a more abstract world — the edges of colors and lines shimmer, and the edges of delineation soften and disperse. A gradual shift from one reality to another is a pervasive and immanent condition.


This inevitable change is presented here in its forceful and authoritative power. From the depiction of gentle winds that pass through the interstitial leaves of trees that transform into violent gales, to the setting of a searing and looming sun — Nature is a reckoning force.