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Past Tell

  • Start

    10 September 2022
  • End

    08 October 2022
  • Artist

    Binong Javier

From our joy to our sadness, our failures and triumphs–everything we experience in life molds our entire being. Our past tells the story of how we became who we are today. “Past Tell”, a one-man show by Binong Javier, builds on this idea as the artist shares his past and constructs a highly personal image of his life through his work.

The title is a pun that refers to the soft, subdued pastel palette he utilized for the paintings in the series. The faint, delicate effect of the colors, coupled with Javier’s stylistic acrylic pointillism, creates a dazzling constellation of paint that gives off the impression that the viewer is looking at hazy, bygone memories and dreams plucked straight from the mind’s eye.

In Long Weekend, the brilliant orange and yellow hues that envelop an otherwise turquoise base communicates the feeling of anticipation and excitement for a long weekend. While Carla conjures up Javier’s elusive dream of becoming a father to a daughter he hopes to call by that name.

Each piece is an abstract depiction of Javier’s life, telegraphing the emotions associated with certain events. These works come together to create an abstract map that leads to the person Javier has come to be, inviting the viewer to journey with the artist down memory lane.