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  • Start

    31 July 2021
  • End

    31 August 2021
  • Artist

    Lorebert "maralita"
Onga or Unga is the long, arduous, guttural sound made by the kalabaw or water buffalo, a creature which reminds Maralita of his humble beginnings growing in Northern Samar. It can either be a nod in agreement as in “oo nga” or a drawn out lamentation of a lingering pain or a paused longing.
Ongaaa is an aptly strong title for Maralita’s first solo exhibition, featuring works that are a simultaneous nod to his past and at the same time a chronicle of his moving forward in fulfillment of his artistic calling. The phrase honors his beloved Samar roots as a constant reminder of the pains of growing up poor and downtrodden.