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On The Radar

  • Start

    20 March 2021
  • End

    18 April 2021
  • Artists

    Bea Policarpio, Brisa Amir, Gab Baez, IS Jumalon, Isha Naguiat, Isobel Francisco, Jan Sunday, Justine Basa, Lea Rivera, Pepe Delfin, Pin Calacal, Tita Halaman
On The Radar is an all-female group show featuring the works of some of the most notable women artists working today. The exhibit highlights the variety of work produced by these young women artists who are currently making a name for themselves in the local and international art scene in celebration of Women’s Month.
As women artists are so often sidelined in favor of their male counterparts, this exhibit chooses to put them on the radar, so to speak, placing their stories and their bodies of work within the spectrum of the viewer’s awareness and attention.