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  • Start

    12 January 2023
  • End

    18 February 2023
  • Artist

    Carlos Esteban Trinidad

Metanoia – (meta·​noia) noun

a transformative change of heart

especially a spiritual conversion

the journey of changing one’s mind, a transformation.


Over the years, visual artist Carlos Esteban Trinidad has pivoted from different careers and preoccupations. From being a graphic designer and now a painter, and shifting away from figurative portraiture towards abstraction, Trinidad’s creative journey has been marked by significant change.


His solo exhibition “Metanoia” encapsulates these transitions, touching down on his current preoccupation: abstraction. His fixation with this particular visual language was born out of a yearning to find the perfect tool for self expression.


Abstraction has given Trinidad the freedom to communicate the contents of his heart and soul. Each piece in the exhibit features bold lines rendered with vibrant color palettes. Each line overlaps with another, criss-crossing and colonizing the canvas, then blending into one another and appearing to jump out at the viewer.


It’s through these distinct forms, lines, colors, textures, and patterns that Trinidad feels most comfortable baring his emotions, and divulging his innermost thoughts and feelings, creating landscapes upon which the beholder could walk into his intimate reality.