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Lying Between Critical Faults

  • Start

    19 February 2022
  • End

    12 March 2022
  • Artist

    Vincent Padilla

Lying Between Critical Faults is an exhibit that centers on the future representation of earth scenery from the impact of climate change, inspired by the artist’s most recent show “Romancing the inevitable.” Consequently, this exhibition focuses more on the impasse we are currently in. Utilizing a technique called paint pouring, a process that is known as a form of abstraction or non-representational art, the unpredictability of the technique merges to the artists intention of creating a depiction of the future. No discernible human intention or observable cause, the artist created a non-representational work that was made subjective.

The Dadaists embraced Chance as their avenue to expression in their works of art. They eventually merged random occurrence with conscious creation, attaining a “balance” between “art and anti-art”

Just as how polarity of colors is used to create a diminishing scenario of the future; it can also be regarded as two different sides of the coin. As the deterioration of the earth takes place, we have to make a decision as to whether we continue with our ways or to stop absolutely. However, not everything is black and white; and currently, we are all stuck in the grey area which is in between two polarities. With this, the inevitable of cascading sceneries will most likely happen if we do not completely change our ways and learn from our mistakes.