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Living in Modernity

  • Start

    15 October 2022
  • End

    05 November 2022
  • Artist

    Valen Valero

Living in Modernity is visual artist Valen Valero’s 12th solo exhibition, the roots of which developed earlier this year when she decided to showcase mixed media art and collage on paper. Valero took inspiration from her past experiences and how they changed her as a person, as well as the creative space she was able to build for herself during the pandemic.


Through the ebbs and flows of her emotions and life’s uncertainties, she’s learned to cope with the times and live in modernity. These reflections are what Valero has channeled into the works in the exhibit, particularly Reflection, a large-scale mixed media piece made out of steel sheet, scrap metal, and painted irregularly-shaped canvasses, which stands as the centerpiece of the show.


The collection is a product of her experiences and encounters, serving as a personal map that links her past, present, and future. It embodies her expanding artistic interest and creative journey, reflecting her own individual development and growth.


Each piece is layered with rich imagery, from boxes to circuitous lines, and bold colors in subdued tones, in between which are clusters of paint, semi-legible letters and numbers, referencing her emotional states and psychological suggestions. The show seeks to both a respite from and a testament to life in modern times.




Valen Valero began creating art at a young age. Through the years, she was able to hone her talent and decided to take things seriously after college by participating in group exhibits. She began producing impressionist paintings, but shifted to abstract work in 2014.


In the two decades that she’s been working as a full-time artist, her passion and determination for her work has kept her going. She has participated in several group and solo exhibitions in places like Nova Gallery, Mono 8 Gallery, and Secret Fresh – Ronac Magallanes. In 2021, she participated in several shows with Altro Mondo Creative Space, namely An Homage to Jun Yee, Of Art & Her Stories, and Art in the Park.