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Lines of Musing: Baroto

  • Start

    30 October 2021
  • End

    28 November 2021
  • Artist

    Alim Vela

Lines of Musing brings together Alim Vela and Alfred Capiral in two shows that meditate on the capricious temperament of nature and the ephemeral moments of life that leave lasting impressions.

In Vela’s “Baroto”, the pieces are stylized representation of weathered boats inspired by the various forms of mostly fallen or dried leaves that he had observed usually in the aftermath of a typhoon in his island province. Since childhood, he has been fond of these unique leaf forms and would try to shape them into boats that he would sail along streams or canals. The act of observing and collecting leaves always prompted him to take a step back and reflect on his life experiences from the mundane to the mystical.