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Life in Colors

  • Start

    02 July 2022
  • End

    30 July 2022
  • Artist

    Keith Paras

Keith Paras is known for his delicate renderings of clusters of flowers. For his solo exhibition titled Life in Colors, he channels these proclivities on canvas once again to create vivid, multicolored odes to nature and all its beauty. Each painting is adorned with vibrant flowers: roses, peonies, chrysanthemums, and dahlias–each representing positive connotations.

Roses symbolize love, beauty, balance, passion and wisdom, while chrysanthemums recall lasting relationships with family and friends, rest and recovery, and cheerfulness. Peonies represent honor, respect, and wealth, and dahlias signify new beginnings and triumph above challenges.

Paras purposefully chose these flowers as a means of giving hope and positivity to those who need it most. At a time when it seems that hope is fleeting, Paras seeks to bring joy and levity through his florid works of art, inviting the viewer to live not only for themselves, but for the goodness of others.