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L’anima della Materia (The Essence of the Medium)

  • Start

    17 November 2022
  • End

    23 December 2022
  • Artist

    Elvino Motti

Elvino Motti is an Italian artist from Como, Italy. He studied under the tutelage of renowned Italian sculptor Guiliano Vangi at the Art Institute of Cantù, and then graduated from the Brera Academy of Fine Arts in 1975.


His sculptures catch the attention of the public for their elegant and innovative style, described as being made of extreme smoothness and roundness, yet not domed. These pieces show themselves in their becoming, manifesting what is about to be born from their shapeless, what they would like to be, but still are not and never will be totally.


In his exhibit L’anima della Materia (The Essence of the Medium), each sculpture has an intrinsic sensuality that induces you to lightly slide your fingers over it to understand its visual, tactile, and material effects.


Motti has exhibited his works in various Italian locations: Rome, Milan, Mantua, Venice, Florence, Como, Assisi and abroad: Providence (USA), Dubai, London, Dubrovnik, Berlin and Tirana, Nice, France and Athens, Greece. He has also been present at some of the world’s most important art fairs: Milan, Rome, Genoa, Forte dei Marmi, Arezzo, Padua, Reggio Emilia, Cesena and Bergamo.