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Floral Splendor III

  • Start

    24 April 2021
  • End

    23 May 2021
  • Artists

    Addie Cukingan, Chie Cruz, Flor Baradi, Inka Madera, Lanelle Abueva Fernando, Lisa Villaseñor, Mary Ann Reyes, Naomi Banal, Sheila Luis Tiangco, Tet Ureta Aligaen

The FAM or Floral Artists Manila was formed by Addie Cukingnan and Remy Boquiren in 2019. The group sought to create an all-female art group whose members are known for their distinct floral artworks. Other group members include Tet Ureta Aligaen, Naomi Banal, Flor Baradi, Chie Cruz, Lanelle Abueva Fernando, Inka Madera, Mary Ann Reyes, Sheila Luis Tiangco, Lydia Velasco, and Lisa Villasenor.

Now, the group brings the third installation of their esteemed Floral Splendour show to Altro Mondo Creative Space. The exhibit celebrates the unmistakable allure of flowers, rendered in the distinctive styles of each of these talented female artists.