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Endless Possibilities II

  • Start

    06 August 2022
  • End

    03 September 2022
  • Artist

    Naomi Banal

Despite her last name, Naomi Banal believes she is anything but banal (or ordinary). Her works reflect her scintillating personality––colorful, vibrant, and extraordinary. For her solo exhibition Endless Possibilities II, she brings her out-of-the-box creativity to her works, experimenting with various styles and techniques to come up with unique pieces that entice the eye.

Banal injects feeling and emotion into abstraction, expressing something melodious and rhythmical through form and color. Each piece in the exhibit features layers of colors upon colors, punctuated by the occasional line and haphazard shape. Whether it be her refreshing take on flowers or lyrical abstract expressions, she skillfully straddles the line between tradition and innovation to create pieces that are uniquely hers.