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  • Start

    24 February 2024
  • End

    16 March 2024
  • Artists

    Amiel David Cagayat, Aui Suarez, Christian Culangan, Julian Udine, Lanzvoltaire, Ledz Taboada, Michael Delmo, Raffy Ugaddan, Rai Cruz

Embark on a journey into the enigmatic world of surrealist art in Dreamscapes, where reality intertwines with the subconscious, and dreams materialize on canvas. This exhibit showcases the diverse talents of visionary artists who dare to explore the depths of the human psyche and the interconnectedness of the universe.

Amiel David Cagayat, a master of blending rationality with the whimsical, mesmerizes viewers with his utilization of vintage objects, infusing life into inanimate relics through his captivating paintings.

Rai Cruz mainly draws inspiration from coalesced observations and experiences of urban living conditions. Cruz then transforms and synthesizes those encountered images by depicting his subject matter as amalgams of mechanic and organic materials. 

Christian Culangan’s “Buko” epitomizes the delicate balance between chaos and order, as his dynamic brushstrokes weave intricate narratives of spontaneity and intentionality across expansive canvases.

Michael Delmo’s intensely complex paintings serve as mirrors to our shared human experiences, inviting introspection and reflection upon the profound interconnectedness of existence.

Lanzvoltaire’s works are depicted by sharp edges and soft elements in distinctly dark backgrounds, a collection of experiences that incorporate themes such as self-awareness and understanding.

Aui Suarez meticulously assembles fragments of domestic life, transforming mundane objects into ethereal studies that challenge perception and reality.

Ledz Taboada delves into the psychology of consumption, exploring how our surroundings shape our cognitive experience through vibrant and thought-provoking compositions. 

Julian Udine immerses viewers in a realm where the human psyche dances with the natural world, infusing her mixed media sculptures with elements of interconnectedness and literature.

Raffy Ugadan’s process consists of an unhurried and meticulous distillation of visual stimuli from the everyday, from dismantling an object’s form from its function, then reinventing them with the characteristics of another. This leads to the creation of whole contemplative pieces that ultimately exercise the viewers’ attention to travel the canvas.

Experience surrealism in its myriad forms as these visionary artists push the boundaries of imagination, inviting you to explore the boundless depths of the subconscious and contemplate the intricate tapestry of existence.