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Divine Quietude

  • Start

    20 September 2010
  • End

    03 October 2010
  • Artist

  • Gallery

    Altro Mondo, 3rd Level Greenbelt 5, Ayala Center, Makati

Divine Quietude

Dave Lock

Divine Quietude is a pleasant tribute to all the mothers and teachers of the world. In where despite their varying differences in life and appearance, stand as a united emblem of peace and hope to a n existence that is nearly throttling itself to a slow death.

This exhibition’s greatest strength lies on the artist’s masterful use of visual composition in order to achieve what he wants his audiences to feel, or perhaps inspire them with all the positive thoughts that emanates from his own, enlightened self. There is a strong sense of comfort within the paintings as some of them are depicted with either angels or mothers, which are apparent symbols of love and eternal consolation. “I have included powerful wings as a representation of courage, purpose and dedication to soar above the challenges and tribulation of this world in a pursuit of peace.” The artist explains.

What really catches my attention is his serene depiction of beauty through a relaxing mixture of color, which brings a comforting mood to the eyes, easily plunging its audience into a momentary state of divine stillness. They, as spectators, are brought into a world closer to the artist’s emotions, perhaps a blissful paradise in where angels would sing a song of love and faith, an isolated dream world which I believe exists within all of us, thickly guarded at the deepest confines of the human heart. Like the inner child that infinitely dreams of life achieving triumph over death.

The artist’s passion for music is very evident, which further adds beauty to the paintings altogether. Because somehow, playing a musical instrument creates a profound feeling of relaxation, soothing the soul with tunes that vibrate into the memory. Jack’s incorporation of musical instruments with his figures somehow provide the same effect as playing it, and an illusion that another melody is playing in the viewer’s head; providing a quiet sense of inspiration that goes generally within the show and its chief concept.

His pointillist renditions also supply a tremendous expression not just of beauty, but also of extreme detail and dedication to his work. When one moves close to his painting’s surface, the image is further deconstructed into a clockwork of dots, all working together to present a certain characteristic of tone and vibrancy. The lively use colors blend with it perfectly, creating a beautiful orchestra that exudes tranquil, visual beauty instead of sound.

Overall, this show is a soothing gift to the senses, a relaxing a trip to a picturesque utopia full of sweet, little wonders that endlessly bring hope to the struggling human heart.