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Dimensional Reality

  • Start

    05 July 2018
  • End

    29 July 2018
  • Artist

    Benjie Torrado Cabrera
  • Gallery

    Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea, 3/F Greenbelt 5,Ayala Center Makati City, 1229 Philippines


For Benjie Torrado Cabrera, a line is never just as simple as traveling point or as direct as connecting two points.  One of the elements of art, and most basic engagement for artists, the line under Torrado Cabrera’s deft hands becomes a locus of fascination, scrutiny, and exploration.


Stasis is Torrado Cabrera’s enemy.  He mentions that his works aim to show cycles of destruction, birth rebirth, reconfiguration, but, as he puts it, “nothing truly dies.”  These are his musings, take it as you will, be it philosophical or an aesthetic exploration on life.  These prints are not a vision quest for immortality but rather a collection of billowing lines seeking universality.


The depiction of biomorphic forms are informed from nature with their filaments drawing your eyes into landscapes that are quiet as they are surreal.  This is a crucial point for reflection in Eastern Art.  Not just with the simulation of dynamic brush strokes, Torrado Cabrera’s calligraphic forms are evocative to urge us to catch up with the breathless tangents of the lines.


Many speak of the immersive capabilities of these art works in drawing the viewer in and traverse the shifting planes to remind us that we, too, are part of the landscape, that we, too, can be projected in the image in a sense of looking for where our lines will take us.



-taken from the article Insistent Lines by Chong Ardivilla