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  • Start

    12 October 2019
  • End

    04 November 2019
  • Artists

    Jeff Dahilan, Kim Santiago, Lorebert "maralita", Reynold de la Cruz
  • Gallery

    1159 Chino Roces Avenue, San Antonio Village, Makati City

Cocoon joins together artists Kim Jerome Santiago, Lorebert “maralita”, Jeff Dahilan, and Reynold de la Cruz as they traverse the topography of the body and its interactions with other bodies through skin-to-skin contact. One of the most visceral ways we commit things to memory is through the power of touch, like a baby grasping its mother’s finger or the caress of a partner. Histories are contained and created on the skin which are then rekindled through the senses. The artists delve into the idea of the body in perpetual transition, both tangibly and transcendentally. Beyond the physicality of the skin lies a landscape of potentialities and possibilities incubating until, as with the works included in this exhibit, they are unearthed and laid bare.