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Citation / Derivation: A Tribute to Pablo Picasso

  • Start

    26 September 2013
  • End

    01 November 2013
  • Artists

    Buen Abrigo, Katrina Pallon
  • Gallery

    The Picasso Boutique Serviced Residences 119 L.P. Leviste St., Salcedo Village Makati City, Philippines 1227

The artists through their works do not wish to make new statements about Pablo Picasso. One of the most iconic, prolific, and influential artists in the history of Western art, Picasso is one of the most documented and most exposed artists to have been graced a place in the history of art. Much has been shared by Picasso to the world in no less than five artistic periods spanning over seven decades, across some of the most dynamic points in history. Much is owed to him in the formation of new movements in art, and hence in the formation of new concepts of reality.As the title states, the exhibit is a tribute. It is a celebration of Picasso through the hands of two young artists inspired by his expression.

The project uses the word derivation in the context of its meaning in linguistics: the process of forming a new word based on another word, the original. In art, a parallel idea would be appropriation, but one can see from Katrina Pallon’s and Buen Abrigo’s works that “appropriation” is not all that appropriate. Their works are the products of a sort of citation–referring to a source, a borrowing of elements, used and fleshed out in methods they have owned artistically–to convey their own artistic messages.

The process does not demand for an affinity to the personal character of Picasso. However, introspection plays a key role in the endeavor Pallon and Abrigo take for this project. Exploring their own selves, their concepts of aesthetics and reality, in relation to a certain aspect of Pablo Picasso, be it his pictorial narratives, his technique at a given artistic period, a certain treatise, or his temperament. As much as the series are explorations of whatever aspects of Pablo Picasso they employ, the cited Picasso works are fully utilized in the exploration of the artists’ own artistic selves. Given this, the process yields new forms out of ones that have previously existed; new forms, separate entities that exist outside of the source and carry their own meanings.

-Marnelli Nacion Puyot