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Cash Flow

  • Start

    13 January 2023
  • End

    27 February 2023
  • Artist

    Charico Miranda Cruz

Money can be both a lifeline and a curse, and visual artist Charico M. Cruz is well aware of this. In his solo exhibition “Cash Flow,” Cruz attempts to portray the nuances of our financially dependent society and the intricacies of the way money weaves itself into every facet of our lives.


Through a collection of digital artworks, Cruz renders images of local currency with meticulous lines rippling and undulating like waves in different directions, capturing its fluid, inconstant nature–valuable one day, worthless the next.


Cruz believes that you can tell a lot about a culture by analyzing their currency–based on what they value to who they choose to immortalize onto something as ubiquitous as legal tender.  This unpredictability excites Cruz, who seeks to capture this dynamic energy through this exhibit, at least before the tides change yet again.


Charico M. Cruz is a visual artist based in Manila. He has been a freelance photographer specializing in travel photography. His works attempt to uncover stories that are overlooked at first glance, collecting narratives in different, unlikely places, and bringing them to light and lens.