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Body of Evidence

  • Start

    20 July 2019
  • End

    12 August 2019
  • Artists

    Bogie Alvarado, Guinnevere Decena, Mikiboy Pama, Tristam Miravalles
  • Gallery

    1159 Chino Roces Ave., Bgy. San Antonio, Makati City

“Truth, whose mother is history, rival of time, depository of deeds, witness
of the past, exemplar and adviser to the present, and the future’s counselor.”
Pierre Menard

It is not impossible to challenge authority whose concept of fairness lay at rest within the paper labyrinth of the-court-of-law, which is not impossible to manipulate.

The first symptom of a feverish society is often confirmed by silence and absence. Silence of the voices exposing stories of the unheard, and absence of the defenders of the oppressed. As the systems of freedom move across contradicting planes, determining a singular compass for justice span across multiple facets of processing facts.

Art and creativity is a collective human pulse. It is the wave that prodded our ancestors to exhaust impossibilities and break boundaries. When artist translate their experiences into varied forms, their personal truth becomes something visible, audible and felt; neither yet both material and immaterial.

Hence dismissing artists as mere entertainers and decorators is a grave disfavor to democracy. Human creativity can reach the minute capillaries of society; rekindling fires of revolution or watering down propagandas of hate, building the fundamental structures of power or breaking them down to pave way for change.

BODY OF EVIDENCE delves into the poetic materiality of art and its constant weaving with our histories. The exhibit seeks to reinterpret the nature of the world through unrealities and hallucinatory visions of life; artistic expression as an instrument of investigation and the conscious practice of freedom.