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Beauty and Ugly Rhyme

There is a correlation between what is beauty and what is ugly,
the fact that when we see something, we immediately decide
if it belongs to the former or the latter.


Is a verse taken from Marius Black’s poem


In the poem, he discusses divinity, one’s own happiness,
missed moments that we wish to forever keep in our memory,
and dreams, written and fallen, on the streets of Manila.

He discusses as well on the poem
how we all see things from a different perspective,
that overused notion that beauty is subjective.

This show instead asks,
“How can we see the beauty in things that other people deem ugly?”

Marius Black’s response is not just words, but a body of works
representing the daily life of Filipinos.

Of finding beauty in one’s battle for the right to live another day,
of finding beauty as one sheds his own blood, sweat and tears daily
so that one day, we can wake up and realize;

Instead of just dreaming of comfort, we are already living a wonderful life
if we know how to appreciate what we have.

Marius however, does not only focus
on the beauty of the dream met or unmet.

He also emphasizes on the beauty that is found
in the ugliness of one’s struggles.

He finds beauty in resilience,
of not giving-up.

That no one in this world doesn’t have struggles.

What makes us more appreciative of beauty is when
we have truly witnessed the ugly.