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Album: Filipinas

  • Start

    30 August 2021
  • End

    19 September 2021
  • Artist

    Felix Mago Miguel

Altro Mondo Arte Contemporanea is pleased to present ALBUM: FILIPINAS, a solo exhibition featuring the works of Felix Mago Miguel.

Album: Filipinas takes its name from a chapter of Sucesos de las Islas Filipinas, one of the first books to record our history as a country. The chapter is a collection of portraits that tell stories of the past. Similarly, this exhibit features a series of portraits covering different chapters of Philippine history, each carrying with it a multitude of symbols, narratives, and iconography that reveal the subject’s individual story and allude to our shared experience as a nation.

As we look inside Felix Mago Miguel’s Album and see into the past, he hopes that it may help begin the unfolding of more stores that were shelved, abandoned, erased, lost, and retold — that it may serve as a mirror and a lens with which we can see our true image reflected back to us: Filipinas.