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Akut Ikut Ikat

Agus Kama Loedin is an Indonesian visual artist known for his masterful use of wires, lights, and fabric in his creative practice. His works make use of bamboo and rattan weaving techniques, as well as knot-tying methods used by boy scouts, to create dynamic works of art with lives of their own. The wires bend to Loedin’s will, transforming into lively and organic pieces that beckon the viewer to thoroughly examine them.


Besides his predilection for skillfully manipulating uncommon materials to create beautiful masterpieces, Loedin also puts culture at the forefront of his works. His exhibitions tend to cover a variety of themes borrowed from Indonesian culture, particularly religion and philosophy from Java and Bali.


In AKUT IKUT IKAT, Loedin sets his sights on exploring the theme of movement, specifically the movement of ideas. Created during the beginning of the pandemic, this series investigates this theme by way of the ikat method, a decorative technique wherein the artists warp or weft threads are tie-dyed prior to weaving.


Loedin observed that the technique and the decorative symbols he studied during his research for the show had been utilized throughout various regions of the globe, with individuals modifying these techniques and symbols to fit their beliefs, cultures, and traditions. Thus, the practice highlights the power of movement and the nature of transformative ideas.


The age-old craft and its corresponding imagery, which the artist creatively transforms yet again through his own aesthetic inclinations, values, and beliefs, now manifest in this exhibit. As a result, the artistry of ikat, which has moved through people and through time, arrives at this very moment today, by way of Loedin’s transformational work.