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A Way Of Talking

  • Start

    12 December 2020
  • End

    10 January 2021
  • Artists

    Denver Garza, Eva Yu, Faye Pamintuan, Harvy Armada, Jobert Cruz, Mikko Baladjay, Rene Bituin, Rolf Campos, Teo Esguerra

There is rhythm in the strokes of hues and the assembled elements of the two, or even three dimensional languages presented.

A cadence that denotes hyperactivity!!!

Or       a stillness…

…. stemming from silence…

This refers to a manner of speech that relies on our

Visual perceptions,

Where we, address concerns, disseminate ideas, give out approval, speak the ineffable, relive an experience, criticize and respond, mirror the external realities of our fears, anxieties and joys, explore the inner workings of identity, materialize and form the intangibles, give an account of survival, retell past stories and events from our own perspectives, prepare for war, prepare for death, return into waking consciousness as we are roused from sleep, find our safe spaces, cleanse our palette,

Bring things into existence/Annihilate

Seek different dimensions

Become an automaton or a poet, a revolutionary

An aesthete,

An insignificant number in a mass,

A glowing Light…

A tasteless charlatan, a defender of culture, a pretender of being cultured,

revert into an uncomplicated mode of existence,

Become true towards what is in line with truth and be deceitful at the face of deception


And so on.

These, expressed by the shapes and colors of voices that urges you to look into a conversation and listen to the image, are speaking pictures of individual idiosyncrasies. The vocal visual that the onlooker can talk to.